• Dr. Ishwari Chandran

    My job requires me to stay at the hospital for long long hours. Especially when things are busy, comfortable attire becomes super important. French terrain has been perfect for this! The pockets make it super handy to carry literally everything I need during my shift.  Besides, the colors are lovely. Pink and Caribbean blue are my fav. Good colors also make me feel better x) On a whole, French terrain scrubs are fab!

  • Dr. Dhyey Shah

    A good pair of scrubs is must to have on a hectic day for a medical professional. French Terrain scrubs are really comfortable to carry and they fit perfectly. The color doesn't fade off with time and keeps you going!

  • Dr Kavita Sehrawat

    Wearing scrubs is major part of our lives in hospital and I always wanted scrubs that are comfortable but at the same time trendy and of good material and it was so good to try out the French terrain scrubs in wide range of colors that now it never feels boring to wear the same color scrubs again and again. Completely love them

  • Dr. Chandan Narang

    These scrubs are very comfortable and they are the best pair of scrubs that I have ever worn. I have received so many compliments when I wear these scrubs, and I even get asked by colleagues if I can get some for them. There are no other scrubs around like them. It is not easy to find scrubs that you feel comfortable and protected in, and that also make a statement that reflects your true personality.

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